Are you a girl between 12-18? Ever struggle with feeling less-than-confident, out of place, or unsure of yourself at school or church? Or maybe you feel great with your friends but struggle to figure out who you are when you’re alone. Maybe the things you hear at school and the things you hear at church or home are just so different they don’t make sense. Shine! is for YOU.

Shine! offers content to help answer the tough questions about issues you face every day. Our team just gets it! Our conferences and blogs tackle tough stuff—everything from boys and friendships, to self-image and school—in an environment where you can feel safe and open. Our speakers & bloggers offer practical plans for making good decisions in a difficult world, all with a basis in biblical truth.

Moms and youth leaders, we haven’t forgotten about you! We write blogs geared specifically for moms and youth leaders, too—just hover over the “BLOG” button above, and select “for adults” from the drop-down menu!

At our conferences, we offer a separate track for the grown-ups to examine the challenges teens confront these days and provide helpful resources for discussing these issues with the young ladies you influence. You’ll hear from speakers who’ve been there, done that, and can offer applicable advice you can start using immediately.

Whether you’ve been to a Shine! conference or have followed along from home, we want to connect with you. Follow us on social media to get the latest on conference dates and locations. In the meantime, keep up with our blog posts for additional content that builds on teaching from the conference sessions.

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