For Girls

You Can Do Hard Things

By: Callie Milling

Did you know that most scholars believe Mary was between 12-14 years old when she was pregnant with Jesus and married Joseph? Can you imagine, not only becoming a mom, but becoming a mom to the savior of the world at such a young age? When the angel told her about the Lord’s plans for her, she simply replied, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38). In other words, she told the angel that she was a servant of the Lord and would do whatever He asked of her. What an amazing attitude to have. Mary could have easily refused to do it or she could have done it with a bad attitude, but instead she said yes with a willing spirit. After the angel left I’m sure she sat down and thought about all the adversity she would face. She likely knew it would be a hard road. She didn’t know what it would look like to give birth to the son of God and she didn’t know how her fiance would react to this news. Despite all of the unknowns that lay ahead of her, she was faithful and willing to do what the Lord asked of her even though it was going to be really hard.

Mary was young when she was tasked with carrying the Son of God and raising Him up. Despite her age, God knew that she was the right girl for one of the most important roles in the redemption story. He didn’t see her and think, “Oh, well Mary is too young to do anything important for me. She doesn’t know enough yet. She doesn’t have what it takes. She’s not old enough to serve me yet.” No! Instead, He saw Mary and might have thought, “What a faithful young woman. I love her and I have a purpose for her. She is old enough to make a difference for me.” 

God thinks the same thing of you. He loves you and He has a purpose for you at twelve, thirteen, seventeen, or whatever age you may be. He doesn’t think you’re too young, He thinks you’re just right for the task at hand. So, what is God asking you to do that you feel you aren’t capable of doing? Are you wanting to lead a bible study but feel like you’re not old enough to lead a group of girls? Are you wanting to start a club at school but don’t feel qualified enough? I don’t know what the Lord is asking of you. I do know that you are valuable and that God can use you at any age. You are never too young to serve God.

You can do hard things, no matter your age. God has a plan for your life, and wants to use your talents and your life to honor him. You don’t have to wait until you’re in college, married, or get that job to do hard things for the Lord. God wants to use you now. You are capable of taking on challenging things. Your age is no excuse. If you are a believer, then God requires obedience of you, no matter how old you are. 

In 1 Timothy 4:12, Paul tells Timothy that he shouldn’t let anyone look down on him because of his age, but rather to set an example for other believers. Even at a young age, you can live a life that points people to Jesus. Why culture might doubt you or see you as immature, Jesus sees you as someone who can be bold for the cause of Christ. If you allow Jesus to work in your life and to reign as savior, then you can go forward with confidence knowing you have a purpose to live out. 

I know so many women who wish they would have served Jesus more faithfully as a teenager. Many of them feel like they wasted opportunities. They believed the lie that they weren’t old enough to make a difference. They wish they would have used their younger years to do things that they no longer can because they now have families, jobs, and other responsibilities that tie them down. One day you will be an adult and you will get to experience all the wonderful things that come along with adulthood, but right now you are a teenager and you get to live the years that so many women wish they could do over. Use your teenage years wisely–use them for the Lord. Don’t let them waste away because you think you’re too young. You can have an eternal impact on this world, no matter what your age is. Be bold, be faithful, and do hard things for the Lord!

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