For Girls

10 Things to Help You Succeed in the New School Year

By: Anna Fox

  1. School is a big deal, but also not a big deal.

It matters because this is the building blocks of developing your character, work ethic, and education. However, your time in school does not define your entire life.

2. You will add or replace friends as you mature.

While you are to be kind to everyone, you don’t have to be friends with everyone. It is okay if everyone doesn’t like you. Do not ruin your life over a temporary friendship or desire.

3. Be picky in choosing your core friend group. Don’t settle.

You are in the process of developing your biblical worldview. Your core group of friends will influence your decisions need to have a similar worldview.

4. Plug in at your local church.

Your church family will continue to be your family even after you graduate high school. Get plugged in and serve. Attend more than youth events. You have an important role in your local church.

5. You are responsible for your actions and reactions.

While your feelings are valid and real, you alone are responsible for your actions and reactions. James tells us we should show respect, be slow to speak, slow to anger, and quick to listen.

6. Talk it out.

Do not bottle your feelings. It is equally important to be discreet with whom you share your thoughts and feelings. Find a trusted adult, mature Christian woman to talk with. Find someone to disciple you.

7. Participate in family discipleship.

Family discipleship is important to your spiritual health and that of your family. Encourage your family to have spiritual talks and participate in them.

8. Develop your relationship with Christ.

Christ should be the center of everything you do. Your activities and lifestyle should reflect a biblical worldview. Spend dedicated time with Him studying and praying.

9. Get organized.

Organization is a key element in being efficient throughout life. This is a skill you will use in high school, college, and your career. Organization will help you complete homework on time, help around the house, and allow time for fun.

10. Enjoy this season.

Journal through this season. Trust me, you will enjoy reading your entries in a few years. Ecclesiastes 3 tell us there is a season for everything. A time to laugh and a time to cry.  This unique season of life won’t be like any other. Enjoy it and take it all in. It is okay to ask questions and lean on others. Have fun and remember it all.

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