For Girls


By: Catie York

When you hear the phrase “good steward,” what do you think of? As believers, we may often focus strictly on how we use our money and physical resources for God. In scripture, the word steward originally referred to a person (often a servant) entrusted with great responsibility over his master’s belongings.

Christ is our Lord and Savior; He is our Master! If we truly viewed Him as our Master, we would come to realize that all things belong to Him. This means that as His good stewards we are entrusted with great responsibility to dedicate to Him not only our physical resources, but also our immaterial ones. Our immaterial resources include, but are not limited to, our focus, efforts, dedication, priorities, and time.

It can be more difficult to dedicate the immaterial things to God – especially our time. In your life as a young woman, there are so many things calling out for your attention. It may seem that you are busier now more than ever before. To be honest, as you become an adult it will continue to feel that way. Know that in each moment, God is with us! It is up to us to determine how we will spend our time and focus our attention. Take a moment to really self-reflect and ask yourself:

Am I being responsible with the time that I am being entrusted with?

How do my priorities show that I desire to be a good steward of my Master?

Do I have the dedication expected of a good steward?

What resources (physical and immaterial) am I offering to my Master?

If your answers are disappointing or seem less than that of a good steward – know that you are not alone. There is an abundance of grace poured over you! Take this time to lean into the Lord, allow Him to encourage and build you up. If your answers indicate, you do have the qualities of a good steward – I urge and challenge you to find new ways of offering your whole life to God as His humble servant. Being a good steward of our time means intentionally focusing and acting on each opportunity God entrusts with us. This means that we are more than just awake and in attendance at church on Sunday. It is more than just having fun and goofing off with friends at youth group meetings.

Being a good steward of our time means that we show our Master we are trustworthy, we responsibly care for the time He gives us, and we desire to dedicate our lives to Him as His servants. We do this by engaging with Him, growing a deep, personal, and intentional relationship with Him. We learn to grow with Him and bring honor and glory to Him in all things we do – not some, but all. I encourage you to choose now to dedicate each moment of your time to being His good steward. I pray you come to see His love, peace, provision, and blessing clothed over your life.

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