For Girls

Communication is Key

By: Hannah Gorrell

We may often reflect on which things may have been different if sin had not entered the world. Maybe our first thoughts are death or pain, but what about the way we communicate?

Yes, everything has been altered after the perfect world has been spoiled by sin, even the way we talk. I wish this was not so. I feel it most in times of stress. I’ve been the victim of overthinking. I struggle and overanalyze a statement that I hear or worry about the motivations behind a simple text.

We should practice what James 1:19 tells us, be slow to speak. Let’s be slow to speak, but still, speak honestly. Thankfully in heaven these would be two things we won’t have to worry about. But in order to make on earth as it is in heaven, we must saturate our life with truth. Practice speaking kindly, it will make it easier when you have less time to be intentional with your words. 

In the same way, we should already be communicating honestly and kindly with those around us. This is even before we have to “speak the truth in love” or communicate something more difficult to share. 

Let’s pray for opportunities to practice kind speech. Pray for God to place good examples around us from whom we can learn.

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