For Adults

Things Above

By: Claire Ryan

I have been blessed to know and love both sets of grandparents for twenty-six years. That changed in January of 2023 with the passing of my Mawmaw Malone. She suffered a stroke ten years ago and, although the Lord graciously gave her to us for the last decade, Mawmaw has never been what she once was.

This life took her strength, her memories, her mind. But it could not take her knowledge of and love for Jesus.  

And, Praise the Lord, she is now what she has never been. Fully restored! Perfectly transformed! Eternally made new!

In the last few weeks of her earthly life, Verna Malone continued to profess Jesus as her Lord, proclaiming His Great Name to the heavens through songs and praises. And, her family—direct results of her love and devotion to Christ and His Ways—worshipped there beside her; in awe and thanksgiving of the God Who has been so good to them.

Because of Christ, not only do I have the hope of eternal glory with Him; but I also have the promise of being reunited with Mawmaw.

The same to you and your loved ones in the faith who have gone on before. The eternal promise of Heaven begins by setting your heart and mind on things above; beyond this temporary life on Earth. When frustrations, confusions, or difficulties come our way, believers should filter all thoughts and actions through a heavenly perspective.

Recognize that what Christ did on the cross—the bearing of all the sins of the world—has the power to set you free from your insecurities, shame, confusion, loss, heartache, and hopelessness. His sacrifice provides us with the promise of eternal life with Him and all who believe.

Let your thoughts be flooded with Christ and His Ways. Set your mind on things above.

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